When dating turns dangerous

That's special.] I know it doesn't work like that, but I appreciate it. You would see them be proud because their joke was received well by this master comedian and then actually delivered by this master the way they had imagined it.

Then he would take the joke and kind of riff on it and go other places.

For me as an actor, that's the number one greatest thing about being on television because I came from the theater, and you'd get to that place with the play, and then the play would close.

But we've been doing this play for three seasons, so when this is over, I'll miss that and long for that again: a group of people that you can become a troupe with. We had Colbert on the show, and what was interesting was watching Dave and Ike and Mindy deliver a joke to him, and they'd come running around and whisper to him, and then he would laugh hysterically at their jokes and nail it.

"Love really is blind in your first relationship," she said.

Wong said parents should pay attention to changes in their teen's behavior. "With cell phones and computers, kids are never out of touch anymore."Wong said if parents find out their child is in an abusive relationship, they should control phone use to minimize further contact.

When we did the video, Sam was first starting to [get noticed], and I was told Sam liked my acting and wanted me to be in his video.

I didn't realize how it would affect relationships I had later." Betty S.

A new article in Family Circle magazine tells parents some of the signs to look for in an unhealthy teen relationship, which may be more common than many people think.

The magazine found that 25 percent of teens are harassed or put down by a partner via their cell phone through verbal conversations or texting.

Wong, executive editor of Family Circle, said when teens enter into their first relationship, they don't know what is appropriate.

Things like wanting to be with the other person at all times and jealously can easily be mistaken for love.

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