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select * from v$version; BANNER ---------------------------------------------------------------- Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bi PL/SQL Release - Production CORE Production TNS for Solaris: Version - Production NLSRTL Version - Production SQL select dump(c1), dump(c2) from t1; DUMP(C1) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DUMP(C2) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NULL NULL NULL NULL So has this been changed in 10g R2 or I am doing something wrong?

Thanks Hi I have seen s QL statements as follows not sure if it's meaningful?

In the above example, col1 variable is declared as VARCHAR2 and the empty string is treated as NULL.

SQL DECLARE 2 col1 CHAR(1); 3 BEGIN 4 col1 := ''; 5 DBMS_OUTPUT.

If you are encountering this issue, you can open an SR with support and reference the bug# (or even take over 'ownership' of it) So a key question above seems to be ignored.

Maybe this clarifies it: drop table a40od620.exp2; create table a40od620.exp2 (i1 number, c1 char(5), c2 varchar(10)); insert into a40od620.exp2 values(1, 'hello', 'there'); insert into a40od620.exp2 values(2, '', ''); insert into a40od620.exp2 values(3, NULL, NULL); insert into a40od620.exp2 values(4, 'A', 'A'); update a40od620.exp2 set c1=replace(c1,'A',''), c2=replace(c2,'A','') where i1=4; insert into a40od620.exp2 values(5, replace('A','A',''), replace('A','A','')); select * from a40od620.exp2; select * from a40od620.exp2 where c1 is null; select * from a40od620.exp2 where c2 is null; select i1, length(c1),length(c2) from a40od620.exp2; quit; I1 C1 C2 ---------- ----- ---------- 1 hello there 2 3 4 5 I1 C1 C2 ---------- ----- ---------- 2 3 5 I1 C1 C2 ---------- ----- ---------- 2 3 4 5 I1 LENGTH(C1) LENGTH(C2) ---------- ---------- ---------- 1 5 5 2 3 4 5 5 So the ONLY way I have so far to insert an empty string into a char column is to insert a dummy string, 'A' and then use replace to set it back to an empty string ''.

The length of the string is 1 in this case eventhough I have assigned an empty string to col1.

December 29, 2008 - am UTC just select * from t1 where c1 = (select c2 from t2) would do it. but it seems the 'intent' was to make "null=null" in this case - to retrieve nulls (not that their intent was fulfilled - just that is what I think they were trying to do): declare 2 type p is table of int index by varchar2(1); 3 t p; 4 begin 5 t(null) := 1; 6 dbms_output.put_line(t(null)); 7 end; 8 / declare * ERROR at line 1: ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: NULL index table key value ORA-06512: at line 5 March 16, 2012 - am UTC I don't set bugs I file to 'public', I wait for them to be worked on and fixed/resolved before that happens.'' when assigned to a varchar2(1) becomes '' which is a zero length string and a zero length string is NULL in Oracle (it is no long '') Now, I don't know what you mean by "we'll have to modify our code due to this" since this behaviour has been consistent for quite a while. WORLD select * from v$version; BANNER ---------------------------------------------------------------- Oracle7 Server Release - Production Release PL/SQL Release - Production CORE Version - Production (LSF Alpha) TNS for SVR4: Version - Production NLSRTL Version - Production [email protected] DECLARE 2 col1 VARCHAR2(1); 3 BEGIN 4 col1 := ''; 5 DBMS_OUTPUT.The insert of '' gets translated directly to a null, even for the char column, and the direct replace seems to first translate to the '' which is then translated into a null on insert.Is there no way to insert an empty string into a char variable??

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