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A motion control system comprising an application program, a plurality of motion controllers, a set of software drivers, and a motion component. Given the set of motion control operations as defined above, the software system designer next defines a service provider interface (SPI) comprising a number of driver functions.

The user 24 thus need know nothing about the hardware specific command language or communication protocol associated with each of these devices 20; it may even be possible that the command language of one or more of the hardware controllers 16 was not defined at the time the application program 26 was created.

The personal computer portion 12 of the system 10 can be any system capable of being programmed as described herein, but, in the preferred embodiment, is a system capable of running the Microsoft Windows environment.

This system 10 comprises a personal computer portion 12 having a hardware bus 14, a plurality of motion control hardware controllers 16 a, 16 b, and 16 c, and mechanical systems 18 a, 18 b, and 18 c that interact with one or more objects (not shown) to be moved.

is a motion control system constructed in accordance with, and embodying, the principles of the present invention.

The at least one selected software driver generates a sequence of control commands from the set of control commands associated with the at least one selected controller based on the calls to component functions of the application program, the component code, and the driver code of the at least one selected software driver.

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The software system designer initially defines a set of motion control operations that are used to perform motion control.

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