Updating reverse lookup zones

These properties control how DNS information is propagated on the network.You can also specify that the primary server should notify secondary name servers when changes are made to the zone database.After you create the necessary zone files, you can add records to the zones.Computers that need to be accessed from Active Directory and DNS domains must have DNS records.When you create an MX record, you must specify a preference number for the mail server.A preference number is a value from 0 to 65,535 that denotes the mail server's priority within the domain.In forward lookup zones, you use the WINS tab to configure lookups for Net BIOS computer names.In reverse lookup zones, you use the WINS-R tab to configure reverse lookups for Net BIOS computer names.

This document explains how reverse DNS works and how to configure it for your zone. Further down the tree, there are delegations for the /8 blocks that IANA allocated to the RIRs, the allocations that the RIRs gave to the address holders, all the way down to the individual IP addresses and names that you have configured for your Internet-enabled hosts.You can create address and pointer records at the same time or separately.You create a new host entry with A and PTR records by doing the following: You specify host aliases using CNAME records.To create a CNAME record, follow these steps: MX records identify mail exchange servers for the domain.These servers are responsible for processing or forwarding mail within the domain.

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