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Tf L looks to be pulling £177m out of its reserves but still plans to reduce expenditure by £4.6m from this year to next.

The RMT tells us that Tf L needs to save £50m from its station operating budget over the next nine years and suggests this is the driving force behind the changes.

Tf L says that closing ticket offices and getting staff out among the travelling public will make them more visible.

You can see what status your local station will have with this map (PDF), and an explanation of what the new designations mean.

One of the most contentious issues is the loss of 953 front-line jobs driven by closing all ticket offices.

Tf L thinks it will need an extra 200 staff to run the 24 hour weekend tube, so we're talking a net loss of 750 roles.

In outer London, station supervisors will switch from being responsible for one station each to running (in Tf L's words) "a small number of local stations".

The RMT says there will be a "lone CSA" on duty at stations where supervisors are 'roaming'. The response: "In the future we propose to change how we currently operate our stations, to more adequately reflect the different needs of our customers and to create a more personal service.

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London Bridge, for example, has two ticket offices, one of which is open all day, the other most of it.

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