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The prosecutor went on: “At a very early stage during their online chat Mr Taylor asked James his age.“James said he was 14.“He asked Mr Taylor not to report him because on Grindr you have to be 18.“The defendant said he would not report him.Getting banned can create a news hook and can lead to even more audience interest in the ad, especially online. "Super Bowl wannabes make ads that are deliberately sleazy or otherwise objectionable, and then concoct stories about them that usually aren't true," said Tim Nudd, editor of Ad PETA PETA's 2011 commercial -- a parody of a pornographic movie casting couch featuring women passionately eating vegetables -- had zero chance of getting any Super Bowl air time.The heat is on the advertiser to quickly snatch the viewer's attention. Relatively tame, Bud Light's 2007 ad shows a couple going for a skinny dip in an apparently deserted hotel pool.

When James told him he said he was going to played football, Taylor said he had a fantasy about lads in football kit.

Man Yet another ad that got a network rejection letter was Man’s 2010 spot.

The gay dating site’s commercial featured two rival fans reaching for the chip bowl at the same time.

“The arrow upwards indicated his preferred sexual position.”When questioned by the police Taylor said he worked in local government as a fraud investigator.

Gay Dating | March 27, 2017An early form of the gay dating website that we know and love today dates all the way back to the 1700s, surprisingly enough.

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