So even if you spend the entire week sitting around, you’ll at least have fresh ideas to get you and yours off your asses—and maybe even finding sparks again. There’s so much information out there that it becomes a chore to sort through it. Will it be a good memory, and something that creates new discussion? Competition can reveal a lot about a person you’re just meeting. My girlfriend and I have been going to Firehouse 5, and it’s just a great date.I’d go up to a couple and ask what their dating life was like, and they’d say, “We’re married,” like it was an excuse. Even I used to have trouble figuring out things to do, so hopefully this will provide unique experiences around town that people didn’t know about. And don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone— you’ll be opening yourself up to what you like and dislike. If you both go into it as something new, it can prompt conversation while creating a skill that you can take into other settings and events.

“I noticed he had a cute butt and that he had a pair of spoons in the place where pens would normally go in his backpack,” says Mandy.

She asked her friend if she thought he might play them, but she didn’t think so.

“He probably just eats with them.” When Kevin came outside, he sat next to an acquaintance that Mandy had made the week before, “and that was enough of an excuse to walk over and ask about the spoons,” she says.

Kevin had already noticed her, so he was quick to beat out a jam on the spoons, which prompted a conversation about music.

When Kevin found out that she also played music, he was quick to suggest they play together. “There was no way for the two of us to jam together,” explains Kevin.

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And multilayered dates, like going to an art show, then dinner and drinks. What advice would you give to somebody who says they don’t know what to do?

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