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The funny thing is that, as recorded in a book written by a Sri Lankan woman, the Nehru museum has not a single photograph of the Mountbatten couple!

He started the Justice party (South India Liberation Front) in 1917.

When Bill Clinton was having troubles with Monika, Jessie Jackson came to spiritually guide him, he himself at the time having an illicit affair and a child from that affair.

The Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who led the impeachment attempt, was also having an illicit affair at the time. Jesus also had a wife, according to some new discoveries.

This is why we need to know the sex history of these politicians. Apparently, he slept with women naked to test his moral-spiritual power.

The worst case I heard was FBI director, Edgar Hoover, who collected information on gays while he himself was a closet gay man, the partner being his close assistant! Animals and humans have four pains: hunger, sleep, fear and sex.

Therefore, politicians having excesses is to be expected, but the double game is what is dangerous.

MGR was honest about it and did not hide it.” According to Mohandas, a senior member of MGR’s household once told him that a soothsayer had said that the former chief minister should always have two wives at a time.

When MGR died in 1987, a power struggle ensued between wife Janaki and Jayalalitha.

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Yes, the title of the letter said writing love letters, but is she not over 65 yrs old not to get so upset about the word love or a picture of a heart, an organ pumping blood?

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