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They tend to put more emphasis on the plot and on characterization, rather than on action scenes, like Interactive Fiction and more so than Adventure Games.

Visual novels are effectively seen as a digital evolution of Choose Your Own Adventure books, with music, pictures, and occasionally even voice acting or movies.

it didn't really seem to go into any of the forum categories so I defaulted to "General" I'll keep that in mind for next time though, thanks :) Just some of my artwork (Total Noob Btw)

id=14885218 https:// M7Swteaf5UA Skyfire A little warning - If My Heart Had Wings is completely butchered - it's translation is horrible and it was very heavily censored (they even altered kissing scenes! Since one route is all about progressing from sex-friends to proper lovers, it was turned into gibberish.

it didn't really seem to go into any of the forum categories so I defaulted to "General" I'll keep that in mind for next time though, thanks :)Lilith Skyfire said: The game/tech support forum seemed to be full of COD, LOL or..If My Heart Had Wings My Girlfriend is the President at least, these are the ones that i have played. or maids :) Preferably more modern art style (think Love Live! I guess you're after 'female protagonist/male dating options'? Almost all of the most popular ones are heavily ecchi and feature a male protagonist. Tokimeki Girl's Side 1, 2, 3 All VN's with a female protagonist from top rated downwards. This probably goes in Video games or anime/manga recs.Lilith Skyfire said: My ideals / requirements I want to play a dating sim style. off the top of my head) I think I might start with a more all ages and work my way up.. (like Grisaia no Kajitsu) I did find one series that fits everything bolded in your quote and is well rated though. Thank you Sensou No Kami and Icirate for the advice. I found a link to If My Heart Had Wings right after I posted, I might check that one out since its on steam.Whether or not "visual novel" is a genre, a sub-genre/modifier for other genres, or a pejorative term is unclear, as connotations differ by community.Public Medium Ignorance, particularly the Animation Age Ghetto and Girl Show Ghetto, may be responsible for quite a bit of the confusion. Some of the games that , have been decried by reviewers for having "no gameplay", which to a fan of VNs is Comically Missing the Point.

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Some of these have garnered critical acclaim, such as ; many of these have come to be classified as Environmental Narrative Games.

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