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If a student decides not to commit to the next year, the student is free to leave the seminary. However, if financial need becomes necessary, seminarians would need permission from the rector before seeking employment.

Q: What does a seminarian do after completing Borromeo?

In a consultation with the faculty, the student knows each year whether to continue in the formation program.

If a student does not continue with the program, the faculty continue to give direction to the seminarian to help him progress.

I was writing a story for the first vow of 3 novices. His name was a symbol of my weakness and stupidity. For some unknown reason, seminarians and masscom students are always seen together chatting and having fun. I lent it to him, hoping it would be the beginning of a conversation. We started chatting and greeting each other whenever we met.

A few weeks from now, he’ll be leaving to study Theology.On summers, when they were allowed to use cellphones, he never missed a day without sending me a text message. On our graduation day, he introduced me to his family. Letting go After graduation, I vowed to disappear from his life.I was so guilty that I had no more courage to face him. To be vivid, I want you to know that I feel confused, mad, scared, happy, hopeful, and nervous all at once.My Kryptonite Recently, I was working on church-related news in a local newspaper I worked for. It was a name that trips me up and brings nostalgic memories. He was a seminarian taking up AB Philosophy and I was the sassy lass from AB Mass Communication. But one day, out of nowhere, he approached me to borrow my dictionary.

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Many students of Borromeo have found their time valuable in helping the Church. A: The goal of Borromeo Seminary is to lead a student to the priesthood.

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