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It’s important to us to help people see that we can find happiness.You likely know them from their jaw-droppingly impressive You Tube covers.One-take music videos that often take an already popular song and somehow make it even better.

That is something we’re grateful for every single day.” “Gianni and I have an incredible understanding of each other’s capabilities and are quite good at recognizing when a certain area needs more balance then others,” she adds. “In the long winter season there isn’t much to do, so playing ice hockey or learning your favourite instrument were pretty much my two choices,” says Nicassio.

We have been working on a ton of videos, some short films and there’s so much going on it’s crazy.

Right now, I can’t imagine how 2017 will be better than 2016 but I know that it will be.

Q: I saw in an old interview that you guys started doing one-cut videos because it meant you didn’t have edit the footage — your videos seem so effortless though — has there been a song or music video that’s been particularly difficult to pull off?

A: It all depends on how many people are in the video and how many parts there are, instrument tosses and what not.

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I would have to say that Royals was a really difficult one and took us quite a few rehearsal dates.

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