Rockefeller starts fluoridating water

If passed, it would have increased the fluoride levels in Oregon to 68%. Reasons Not to Fluoridate The following partial list is compiled from Fluoride Alert: Fluoride is a cumulative poison. Chromosome damage Kidneys Brain Alzheimers Rats dosed prenatally demonstrated hyperactive behavior. According to our own CDC Department of Health and Human Services: “fluoridated water is diffused throughout the population as residents of non-fluoridated communities increasingly consume foods and beverages processed and bottled in fluoridated communities.Thus, many individuals residing in non-fluoridated communities have benefited from fluoridation policies.” This is called “Building Capacity to Fluoridate.” (CDC) So you see, our country is complying with the UN/WHO/FAO/Codex fluoridation policy and we the people don’t even know it.This is because the government is basing their fluoridation policy on the assumption that there is no chemical difference, after dilution into the water supply, between pharmaceutical grade sodium fluoride and the industrial grade hydrofluosilicic acid.(Fluoride Action Network) Oregon, which is very low on the compliance list with only 19.4% fluoridation, is attempting to increase that level considerably.In 2007, HB 3099, the Oregon water fluoridation bill, would have required community water suppliers serving more than 10,000 people to “optimally fluoridate.” Fortunately, it was not passed.Research into the outcome of alternative community fluoride programmes should be encouraged.

Is it mere coincidence that one of the founders of the Codex Alimentarius Commission just happened to be in charge of the fluoridation program at Auschwitz, and that Germany is somehow exempt from fluoridation? The Public Fluoridation Deception Most are aware of the water fluoridation program that has been foisted upon us as a “treatment for dental disease” and cure for cavities.

network of concentration and extermination camps built and operated in Polish areas annexed by Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Farben, which consisted of BASF, Bayer, and Hoechst (now known as Aventis), owned I. All members of the UN are obligated to comply with these standards.

It was the largest of the German concentration camps (Wikipedia).” I. Auschwitz, founded in Kattowitz on April 7, 1941, was intended to be the largest chemical factory in Eastern Europe and at the same time a building block in the process of “Germanizing” the region. Auschwitz was designed from the very first to be an extremely complex chemical factory, producing, besides Buna, high-performance fuels (including aviation gasoline and fuel oil for naval use), various plastics, synthetic fibers, stabilizing agents, resins, methanol, nitrogen, and pharmaceuticals. So, what does Codex have to do with fluoridation, and just how could a mass fluoridation program be implemented without our knowledge or consent under Codex guidelines?

Just like the prisoners at Auschwitz most likely didn’t know that they were being subjected to a fluoridation program and being poisoned with their water until it was too late.

If food is produced using fluoridated water, then it contains fluoride. Population Receiving Fluoride And if some of you are still wondering if we are really following Codex mandates, wonder no more.

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