Rihanna and jay z dating

“They are guarding like hell their status,” the source says.

I think Jay lost a little respect for Kanye there.” Over the past few months, says the source, Beyoncé has been losing respect for Jay Z and, ever on-brand, she’s been dropping hints.

and shocked the world over the fact so many people were able to keep a secret?

And then do you remember when she announced her and Jay Z's first baby Blue Ivy a few years before that by rubbing her belly at the VMAs? Beyoncé announced earlier on Wednesday that not only is she pregnant -- she's pregnant with twins. Seriously, imagine signing on to Facebook and seeing your cousin used this exact pose/flowers/outfit to announce her pregnancy?

The tummy rub confirmed what people speculated: She was pregnant. I vowed never to be caught by surprise again by Queen Bey, so I have been expecting another baby announcement for a long time. You'd be like, "Classic Breanne -- that is the tackiest thing I have ever seen."But Beyoncé is flawless and looks like a goddamn angel.

It wasn't like when I rub my belly, which confirms that I am really proud to have finished a whole grande burrito by myself. The singer will appear at the Grammys on February 12 and is set to headline Coachella in April.

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Jay Z was infatuated with Beyoncé, says the source, but the bottom line was business; he knew he could do big things for her, and together they could be a juggernaut. According to an interview with the website Celebuzz, her uncle Larry Beyince said that initially his niece had no interest. Even other celebrities aren’t immune to quality control.

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