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By 1840 population growth had demanded organization of a new county.

Wright, who had served in the Third Congress as a representative from Red River County, was a major promoter of the founding of Lamar County, which was established by act of the Fifth Congress of the Republic on December 17, 1840.

Local authorities recoiled on Wednesday when an advertisement went up near Paris-Sorbonne University and the Paris Descartes University promoting Rich Meet Beautiful, which connects young adults with wealthy men and women willing to trade intimacy for cash, according to The Local.Promising "romance, passion and no student loans," the ad instantly sparked a debate among students and officials who argued the service amounts to pimping."As well as public order problems caused by an advertisement that can be seen by minors, this site is an offence against women," Paris Deputy Mayor Hélène Bidard told Agence France Presse."Behind these glamorized images, there are young people who could fall into prostitution." Keep up with this story and more Police arrested a man on Thursday who helped display the billboard, while politicians with the Green Party demanded the government ban the site.The original county seat was Lafayette, a small settlement located several miles northwest of the site of present-day Paris.On June 22, 1841, John Watson donated forty acres of land to develop a new county seat.

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