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The earliest burials found on the Allumettes Island site have been dated to 5 300 years before the present.A MORE SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE The beginning of the Woodland period (3 000 to 400 years before the present) was marked by the appearance of the first baked clay vessels.Woodland populations gradually developed new hunting weapons and new techniques for cooking food.The Woodland period is divided into three sub-periods.These copper objects include punches/awls and needles for working on wood bark or leather, hooks and harpoons for fishing and points for hunting, as well as knives, bracelets, beads and pendants.The techniques used by Laurentian Archaic people to make these copper objects were not very complicated, but the results show considerable ingenuity.

Pottery was made by women, and the knowledge and techniques required to make and decorate the increasingly elaborate vessels was passed down from mother to daughter.Offerings of objects made of stone, bone or copper had sometimes been placed with the deceased to accompany them in the “world of the dead.” In the Ottawa Valley, as elsewhere in Quebec generally, the first evidence of funerary rites dates to the Archaic period.Both the burial of the dead and the grave offerings show that people in the Archaic period had a shared spiritual awareness.In the Ottawa Valley, Archaic occupations are best exemplified by the Allumettes Island and Morrison Island sites.Those who once lived on these sites left a variety of flaked and ground tools that bear witness to a remarkable capacity to adapt to the natural environment.

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