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Also see: Dating Acronyms and Abbreviations A - L Dating Acronyms and Abbreviations M - Z What does the code mean?

To save you the embarrassment of confusing a BHM (big handsome man) with a BIMF (bisexual married female) you should really read on and later check out our list of commonly used acronyms.

Having a good sense of humor change the way you see yourself and world around you, elevates mood, make relationships work for long periods, and will help any person breeze through the toughest periods of his/her life. Life is serious business and women just find man with good sense of humor irresistible.

Sign of humor proves a man’s fitness to be a suitable partner/ father and on the other hand proves woman’s willingness to long-term relationships (LTR).

Watch the Clichés Try to steer clear of the clichés and generic adjectives in any ad.

Someone saying they'd be interested in 'friendship, and maybe more' really means 'sex if I can get it', 'sincere' is often pretty boring and 'attractive' could be 'pig ugly but can't think of a better way to say it'.

Using an acronym to say the same thing is even worse.

Does saying you're HWP (height/weight proportional) mean that you're vaguely the right weight or particularly square?

” Everyone has a sense of humor and you cannot fake a good one.

You need to find your own comfort level, and it may be determined by age and experience with technology.

But if you want to attract the date of your dreams you could find that plain English will provide you with a wider net.

A lot of people studying English find that as they grow to love English-speaking culture they find English speakers more attractive, too.

This post cannot guarantee anything but it may help your search for love.

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