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We knew we loved one another as friends before we became girlfriend and boyfriend.

It is not like you guys are facing each other with hours to talk about yourselves.Your emotions will stay play a role, but they won’t dictate your decisions. When we say “I love you”, we’re really saying something more like this: “I will be patient with you. I won’t be jealous or condescending or arrogant toward you. I promise to uphold purity of mind, body, and spirit, and saturate myself with God’s truth, because I love you. And I hope you see how absolutely it is for you to be in a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ in order to love this way.By putting Christ before your relationship, you’ll have the wisdom to know whether or not you mean “I love you” in the biblical – not just emotional – sense. The apostle Paul gives us a great outline in the famous “love passage”, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8: SEE ALSO: Don't Settle: He's Not Your Last Optiondoing something: It is actively patient and actively NOT impatient. I won’t dishonor you, and I’ll put you before myself. With the weight of “I love you” in mind, how could Josh and I say it so quickly?Call her often, be her friend and talk to her when something interesting happens in your life.Encourage her to also share things with you like how her day went, or what she is up to. Get Romantic: To avoid being labelled as "just an online friend" make sure you chip in a few romantic subjects into your conversation.

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Choose a neutral location and arm yourself with all the information about her that you have, since these are topics you can build on during your date. For a man, you are left with the challenge of impressing her and getting her to have feelings for you, even before you both get a chance to meet one-on-one.

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