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“In some cases, the defendant also downloaded or printed FBI reports related to witnesses, confidential sources, and the progress of several criminal investigations and ongoing prosecutions.” Most of the searches involved the Pellicano case.The search that did him in involved an FBI confidential report about the Pellicano case that was downloaded Jan. That report was passed on to Fiorentino (referred to in the document as “X”) who provided a copy to “an attorney for Anthony Pellicano in San Francisco, California.” The Pellicano attorneys in turn accused the government of misconduct for withholding exculpatory evidence that could have helped the defense.The couple officially separated around September 2006. That’s what he was looking for, not the press associated with it.” But Stein said Rossini seemed to enjoy the added cache that came with dating an actress.By then Rossini had changed jobs; he was special assistant to the assistant director of public affairs at headquarters in Washington, where he seemed to fit in well. He had been on the front line of the war on terrorism and that gave him added credibility.” But in the personal ledger, even before he separated and filed for divorce, the marriage appeared over. “I think he was like a moth to a flame,” Stein said. She was movie star, not only a movie star, but she did crime movies.” Some of those movies included: “Men In Black,” “The Last Seduction,” “Vision Quest” and “Liberty Stands Still.” Rossini was proud of Fiorentino.Fiorentino of “Men In Black” fame, who had passed the FBI document to help the defense lawyers for rogue detective Anthony Pellicano, who went on trial in 2008 for illegally wiretapping the rich and famous in Hollywood. Rossini, who turned 48 last month, was suddenly very bad for the FBI’s public image. “He’s still reeling from the mistakes he made,” a friend said. Mark was a hard-working agent who put the needs of the FBI and country at the forefront for years and has made many sacrifices.The slap on the wrist may have been relatively painless. He’s made some mistakes.” For a Rossini, a guy who had lived a charmed life — gallivanting about New York and Washington with girlfriend/ actress Linda Fiorentino, eating steak, sipping fine Cabernet, running with some of the big dogs at the FBI, it was a precipitous and ugly fall, and yes shocking to some.

According to government documents, he made more than 40 illegal searches on the FBI’s Automated Case Support System (ACS), which contains confidential reports on previous and current cases,” according to prosecutors’ court documents.“I was speechless,” recalled Michael Rolince, a former FBI counter-terrorism honcho who is now in the private sector, when first hearing of the charges.“The more I learned about it the more dumbfounded I was.Unquestionably, it would have been far worse, and far more disturbing had he committed the crime for money. In the end, part of Rossini’s plea agreement was that he’d give up his FBI job and find another one.He headed south to New Orleans to work for the Youth Rescue Initiative that was run by Jim Bernazzani, a former special agent in charge of the New Orleans FBI office. federal prosecutor, declined comment for this report. She did not return calls after messages were left on a voice mail.

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