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I was lucky enough to peek behind bunk doors and learn about the Jewish sleep away experience through a series of interviews with several camp alumni.

He is backlit by our house, our life, and he seems larger than ever, dressed in the shirt he knows I love. We've been married for five years, but my heart is pounding: I am so ready to be home.

While counselors cheer on the girls hooking up with boys, “some [campers] get kind of jealous,” he said.

Whether they realize it or not, counselors push campers to kiss and, just as importantly, to tell.

“For me, it was very embarrassing when everyone said “yes” and you said “no.” Part of the problem is that some counselors pay more attention to campers who dish on their sexual exploits—and campers who don’t are all too aware that they’re not the ones in the spotlight.

Alumni I interviewed remembered discussing hookups with older counselors (and by older I mean three or four years), and said that those conversations helped them create a special bond.

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Those of you wise enough to have attended camp know that it isn’t just about the tennis, hiking and campfires.

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