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The dangers surrounding her – this idea that she is never safe and is always being studied with a lustful eye – are hardly new, but Hugh was simply the one to wake her up.

David Robert Mitchell repeats key scenes and shots in different contexts in order to contrast Jay’s life before and after the attack.

All this time, he was only using her to pass on the curse.

The demon is forcibly thrust onto Jay and now, to remain alive, she must distrust everyone in her immediate vicinity.

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Rather, it’s one giant metaphor for the horrifying aftermath of sexual assault and a denunciation of victim-blaming.

Consider one of the opening scenes, in which our protagonist, Jay, goes on a date with her new boyfriend, Hugh.

While standing in line at the cinema, they play “the trade game,” which involves looking around and picking a random person with whom you would like to trade lives.

After having sex with Hugh, her innocence when it comes to romance is put on display when she reveals her childhood fantasy of simply holding hands with a cute guy in a car.

As she presents this lovely story, Hugh is preparing a chloroform rag in the background.

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So far, what’s happening to Jay is less an analogue to having an STD and more a metaphor for life as a rape survivor.

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