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At Lyndenhurst, which is owned by Napa Valley winery Spottswoode Estate, its 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon runs at retail, a deep dive from Spottswoode’s 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon priced at 5.

Another angle of the new Napa that winemakers are embracing is to play up their sustainability mantras. Helena, dating back to 1876, and the state’s longest continually operating winery.

Yet another reminder of Napa’s future greets me when I walk into Charles Krug’s tasting room in Saint Helena.

As the oldest commercial winery in California, its roots in this region run deep, with a commitment to continue the legacy Charles Krug founded in 1861 as a 27-year-old Prussian immigrant.

Next, he sowed the seeds for six culinary gardens, planting a vision that, as the years pass by, will make the inn and restaurant even more of a destination—perhaps a place where guests might pluck herbs or hope that an orange has dropped from the orange trees for a juicy and fresh late-afternoon snack.

(In fact, those orange trees inspired Harvest Table’s logo.) Chefs at Harvest Table weave the garden bounty into each meal, whether from the plantings on its property or farms within the region.

Across the valley, the tide is turning to include a casual, more approachable vibe, shifting the focus from places like Thomas Keller’s prestigious French Laundry to Goose & Gander, a popular restaurant in downtown St.

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Launched by Edwin and Stacia Williams, it’s an innovative project designed to entice Millennials to visit Napa Valley.

It’s also a project, dubbed “the village,” that recruited almost the entire team at Tra Vigne after the restaurant closed last year.

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