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Our dual purpose search allows you to search your mail or search the web in just one click.So if you’re in the middle of composing a calendar invite for a lunch meeting and want to search the web to find a cool spot nearby, just enter your query into the search box and select Search Web to open a new tab in your browser with your search results.Plus with Dropbox and Flickr integration you can attach files, documents and photos quicker than ever.Your inbox isn’t just convenient, it’s a great way to stay connected to the people who matter most. Personalize your inbox with vibrant themes and organize your mail the way that makes sense to you.Quickly access the tools you use everyday like your Calendar, Notepad, Contacts, Instant Messages, and Search.Yahoo Mail search makes it simple to find files from a specific person.

Some people use their Calendar to manage their personal appointments, their work and school schedules, and their family events.

You can also drag and drop files from your computer into the Compose area and watch them attach in no time.

Plain blue links aren’t too exciting on their own, but they often lead to the most interesting content in an email.

Once you select the person, our new, improved search results page can help you sort and narrow down emails, documents, and files sent from your contact to find you exactly what you need.

When you know what an email is about, but not sure who sent it, try searching your mail by keyword.

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