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Trust us, there's nothing like a gripping true story to make your toes burrow deeper in the sand.When Victoria Fedden's parents are arrested for a complex pump-and-dump scheme, she's left pregnant and alone to pick up the pieces.

Ever since Josh arrived in Paradise, he has insisted that Andi made up what she wrote about their relationship. Indeed, Nick has said that what Andi wrote about him is true.

"He had an uncanny way of manipulating situations and conversations to make me feel like the worst person in the world.

In his own words, I was not only selfish and unappreciative, but the 'most miserable person he’d ever met." Do you think Andi's book is fiction?

If you've found your book, post a comment to let us know. Parents bring their son along with them to go meet the new family that moved into the neighborhood.

You can add "Solved" to your Topic header and move it to a Solved folder by clicking "Edit" on the desktop (not mobile) website - or a Moderator will assist.6. Book about a woman who is going to act for the first time in a play because she either looks like the main character or main character is her deceased mother. They have a kid and he hopes it's a boy since the whole street is lined with girls, but it turns out to be another girl. Contemporary romance about a scrawny woman who has a one night stand with Daniel a furniture maker has a baby girl and makes a contract with Daniel so he keeps the baby for one year. [s] romance book about a girl who is kidnapped and tortured while on a trip with her friend, her dad is rich an i think he owned a weapons building company, in the book her dad hires a military team to rescue her SOLVED. Hero took their son away & wouldn't let her see him. She's staying at a cottage inside hero's estate that she inherited from his aunt to be close to son. YA Scifi/Fantasy about a teenage girl who finds a gateway/door to a realm of magic, her father is a scientist and so is her mother, her mom went missing when MC was a child.

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Bump your topic/thread every 30 days Can't remember the title of a book you read? If you don’t find it there, post a description on our UNSOLVED message board and we can try to help each other out.1. Tell us what year you read or heard about the book. You can also mention when you think the book was published.4.

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