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And it didn't need to introduce faux symbolism just to add 'depth' and 'meaning' to the story. It's full of creative twists too but it was thoughtfully introduced into the storyline so there are no glaring plot holes and inconsistencies here. I laughed much, and cried much while watching this, best drama i've ever watched❤️ Gianna acting is so great and hilarious kkkk and omo Kim soo hyun stole my heart❤️❤️❤️ lol, i have to join the other commentators who say that they don't get the hype. i watched one episode, and that's usually plenty for me to judge whether i'm going to like a drama or not. Though I'm fangirling over DMJ's cold personality, I'm eager to see a female alien being the spunky alien, especially if she gets some male human falling for her.

Every single detail was just cohesive until the end. i wanted to like it, but i couldn't enjoy the set up at all. in just ten days i managed to watched it 4 times already . If that's the case, it might be MJ's younger sister (just because he didn't mention about his alien family doesn't mean they don't exist) who didn't expect to be caught up in a love triangle.

:)) Anyway, I couldn't imagine anyone portraying Do Min Joon besides him. This is by far the first KOREAN drama series Ive ever watch that has NO DULL MOMENTS... You just wanna keep watching til it ends..Its like I don't sleep at all just to finish all the EPs... ^^ All the actors and actresses are EXCELLENT in their roles!!! I love the actor and actress who can act so much naturally like a real life. I don't say that this drama will keep perfection for sure, but i definitely recommend this one, if I have to choose between it and the heirs. It can also be an open ending in which it's not clear what happens, which would be frustrating but again, why not? I can predict what happen next in episode 9-10-11: 1.

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❤️ Not a fan of fantastical imaginary themes of aliens! They bring out the best in each other in their scenes while delivering their respective roles very well. I've seen his previous work and I'm very impressed. I have seen various interviews of him in a show, variety TV, fans footage, and more, and I have always observed his humbleness. And if course his good looks, good physique, and CHARM! so keep your bad mouth...& please say good think only..Every week I can't wait to watch this drama! it's been a long time since i startrd watching kdramas, so i've watched lots. Don't you think she is really a fool women in the world or like pretend fool woman...

In fact, it actually feels like he's trying to hold them back but then those stupid tears fall down anyway hahaha. i like the actor and the actress (Kim soo Hyun and Gianna) they are so sweet. Was personally hoping Do Min Joon would end up being "more human" and being able to live on earth but has to give up his super power and grow old instead - But of course there would be a final scary moment of thinking he would die if he stayed - this would make more sense as they were already build-up elements in the series showing him losing his powers slowly. The plot is actually not very attractive (to me, alien? I love the ending of the 8th episode as well I can't wait for when the next one comes out! Of course, I'm hoping we will get a happy ending, but not with such an 'obvious' plot as him loosing everything that made him special and different to somehow 'force' him and justify his staying on Earth. Unlikely considering how much they insist on her career as an actress and her family but why not?

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