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They can be sarcastic, bitchy and intimidating – and adept at dodging questions they don’t want to answer (like whether they’ve ever been tempted to cheat a la “Desperate Housewives”).

Sarah Shahi, a former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader and Maxim cover girl who joins the cast this season to play the DJ and production assistant Carmen, recalls her first meeting with Katherine Moennig, who plays butch hairdresser Shane Mc Cutcheon.() There is clearly a difference between Dana's season 1 photo and the following seasons.In the first image she has a more sporty look, but the other two images seem to have more of an emphasis on the fashion and femininity than on the character.“Every time we kissed she’d go, ‘Oh God,'” said Shahi.“And I’m sitting there going, ‘Oh jeez, this is horrible.’ I thought I did something wrong.” For Daniels and Leisha Hailey – the only actual lesbian among the cast – filming a love scene was awkward for the opposite reason – the actresses have become close friends.

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She starts out as closeted, but begins to date Tonya, an obsessed fan, who uses Dana's sexuality as a promotional tool, forcing her out of the closet.

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