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They went through a round of layoffs earlier this year and are making a dramatic business model shift starting tonight, by making all job listings free (and much more).

Their goal is to do what Plenty Of Fish is doing to

But late last year they made a decision to try something different.Professor Jonathan Bate, the Shakespeare scholar and provost of Worcester College, Oxford, said Archer and her colleagues had performed a valuable service in setting Shakespeare's work in the context of the famines and food shortages of the period.This site has been up and running for more than ten years, when the book first came out.Britain's greatest playwright: Actors Amanda Hale and Pete Postlethwaite in Shakiespeare's King Lear, which depicted an ageing monarch trying to divide his lands, and the food they produce, between his daughters Coriolanus depicts a famine created and exploited by rich merchants and politicians to maximise the price of food and includes the lines: 'They ne'er cared for us yet: suffer us to famish, and their store-houses crammed with grain.'Ms Archer worked with Richard Marggraf Turley, a professor in the department, and Howard Thomas, a professor of plant science, to study Shakespeare's life as a businessman and owner of arable farmland and pasture at a time when Europe was suffering famines.'In February 1598 he was prosecuted for holding 80 bushels of malt or corn during a time of shortage.He pursued those who could not pay him in full for these staples and used the profits to further his own money-lending activities ...

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This can also hit Linked In indirectly if people start focusing on Jobster as a more interesting place to keep their resumes and contacts.

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