Dating a really thin guy

I read a thread on Front Page about how skinny guys can do better in the dating arena yesterday, and even though the guy had some cool points, it is still a harsh world out there for a skinny dude. So, after the date, I asked her on BBM what she felt about me. Well, to be completely devoid of any trace of biased opinions, the world out there is difficult if you're skinny, same with if you are fat. While you may not be able to compete with big muscular guys when it comes to getting girls, there are however things you can do to improve yourself.

At the end of a year of intensive eating and exercise, I put on a mere ten pounds.

Avoid wearing tee-shirt Wear more long sleeve shirts Look neat and well shaved at all time.

Put on a truck load of confidence knowing that, you're just as human as others Eat well and above all, be proud of your outlook. If guys that are fat can be controlling chicks left-right-and-centre, how much more a skinny guy.

If you turn the light on and examine me, you’d see that the skin where the hips point is whiter than the rest of my pale body.

There’s no cushion there.” The first time she saw my body was in the middle of winter.

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