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Moreover, winning becomes an obsession with such arrogant men and they cannot stand losing a discussion or being proved incorrect.As a result, they try to argue and prove their point all the time.No longer is his confidence is attractive – his arrogance becomes repulsive and people no longer cherish his presence because his words leave behind a caustic and pungent taste, thereby hurting people around him.Arrogant men are often poor listeners and simply cut a woman while she is talking to him or relating to some incident.A confident man can always turn any adverse situation to his advantage and quiet his rivals with witty and taut replies.He will never accept defeat and therefore, his partners will always be sure of a secure future.

One way to make yourself much more interesting is to get involved in experiences outside of your living room and local bar.

There exists a thin line between confidence and arrogance.

When a person crosses this line and bends towards arrogance, it becomes difficult to handle such men.

Do women often end up dating the outgoing, thrill seeking “bad boys? Arrogance, egocentrism, self-importance, immodesty, and inconsiderate behavior is definitely a way to make others run for the hills. Arrogance is used when someone is trying to convince someone else that they are worthy of that person’s time and attention (ie. Confident individuals do not feel the need to prove their worth. Confident people spend most of their time listening to others and learning. If a woman is to carry your child, she wants to ensure the child will be strong and healthy, and that you will be strong and healthy, too. In studies looking at factors that women rate as important in a relationship, physical appearance is low on the totem pole.

” Sometimes, but it is not for the reasons you may think. Arrogant people engage in conflicts by inflating their own experiences, “talking big” and throwing insults. Essentially, she wants a partner who is able to support her when she is in her most vulnerable pre and post-baby states. Women are looking more at independence, confidence, establishment in society, establishment in career, and responsiveness to other’s needs.

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Almost all women want their men to be confident creatures, who can rule the world with their self-assured mannerisms.

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