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Ilyssa from America and Maxim form Donetsk enchanted everybody with their voices.

In conclusion, finally, all in all, in reference to the paragraph above line 5 word 4 section 9, we had a really great time and can’t wait to see all of our favorite peers from the bath when not really shvitzy. Peace, love, Jewish Girl Council (and Big Pete, the mascot), and THE Ukraine. Shabbat Shalom Thanks Mom and Dad for my Jewish education. We are in the middle of Ukraine and the small idiosyncrasies that always occur during temple services were in full swing—just as they would be in a synagogue on Long Island.

Some tunes were different, of course, but as a Conservative Jew I still felt at home in their Orthodox congregation.

Seeing a thriving Jewish community in such a far off place was powerful and I am glad I was able to come here and help my peers. It began like all days with a tasty breakfast and fulfilling work.

Rooms so hot they will fog your eyeballs and water so cold it will chill your spine. We arrived unsure of what to expect, and left 5 pounds of water weight lighter.

We alternated between two steaming hot, it was like a sauna in there! We were all happy to have some time to sit and relax, although we thought we had sweat enough during the course of the day (ba dum chhh thanks guys I’m here all week! Some members of the group even received personalized massages that pulverized the knots in their backs, legs, and necks.

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