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When I listen to DD, I play it on VLC and speed it up to play at 1.5x the normal speed...without any loss of comprehension.That said, I have a sense that most of the speakers are bullshitting. This set is probably not as useful during the day, say, in a grocery store.It cuts right through the bullshit and most girls will respond really favourably!

At the same time, I'll never know how many girls I lost on account of my cock-shot strategy. The others seem to be like the guy who exaggerates to his buddies so they'll think he's a stud. I saw how David X interacted with Leza on stage, and also with Sasha oriental pancake-face girlfriend.

As for the main speakers, I absolutely love Alan Roger Currie and David X.

Their mindset is so clear, straightforward and makes so much sense!

The "Direct Dating Summit DVD" is the recorded version of the Direct Dating Summit that took place in London (UK) in 2010.

This program is intended for men who want unlimited options with women.

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If anyone would care to prove me wrong, I'd love to find out your results.

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  1. Meanwhile, in an attempt to counter the stereotype that gay men are not looking for serious commitment,'s ads feature ordinary-looking couples doing everyday activities with tongue-in-cheek slogans such as "One-nighters are great ...