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The researchers analyzed longitudinal data from 1,132 Dutch teens in 7th grade to 10th grade who were surveyed about their online behaviors as well as their feelings around sex and body image.Very few of the teens surveyed regularly sought out sexually explicit content.Boys' use of porn was classified as "occasional," and girls reported lower, almost non-existent use.Porn stars or celebrities weren't responsible for encouraging risky sexual behaviors and lower self-esteem among teens. "One of the strongest motivators for kids to become sexually active and to advance sexually is a sense that everybody's doing it, which is usually a gross overestimate," Dr.Shkreli, 34, has pleaded not guilty to charges linked to allegations that he defrauded investors at two hedge funds he ran by misleading them about the funds' financial performance.He also denies charges that accuse him of ripping off Retrophin by looting the company of stock and cash to repay his hedge-fund investors their money.

That investment came after he first met Shkreli, then in his mid-20s, at a cocktail party in Manhattan's East Village, and told him, "You're quite cocky and you're quite sure of yourself." Richardson said that over time he felt that he became a "personal mentor" to Shkreli because of common features in their backgrounds, including having had to leave college before graduation, having working-class families, and having a brother with anxiety issues.

When Shkreli said he wasn't, Richardson testified that he replied, "Good.

That's what I expected." "I was very pleased that we had removed any doubt about whether this was a purely platonic friendship," Richardson testified.

Michael Rich, director of the Center on Media and Child Health at Boston Children's Hospital and co-author of the article, told The Huffington Post.

Social media use was a stable, common activity for boys and girls, but more common among girls.

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