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has assembled a series of infographics explaining how to "optimize your online dating profile." That's tech for "get laid."The folks at Ok Cupid and helped them create the tips. If you're a boy, use the words "surfing," "surf," "yoga," "skiing" and "the ocean." Basically, pretend you are a merman with a lift ticket. Early Sunday afternoon is Grindr's peak time, while it's best to use Tinder, Match and Ok Cupid from 5 to 10 p.m. We're sure this is either because boozy brunch gives people balls, or attending church strikes the fear of god in them that they might die alone.

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Additionally, you can choose to stop following a specific person's feed. Linked In: Linked In is an online social network for business professionals, which is designed specifically for professional networking, to help them find a job, discover sales leads, connect with potential business partners.