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It's one of those terms that can't really be universally defined.

Love is an emotion desired by some and avoided by others.

Swingers are generally couples that take part in various sexual acts with other couples, or sometimes individuals.

The catch is the mutual consent: Swinging is not cheating because both parties agree upon it and in many cases are a witness to it. Everybody has sexual fantasies, I don't care who they are," Verna states.

"It was way beyond our expectations, the number of people who came down to talk to us.

There are a lot of new people that are very interested and curious." Now he's focusing on making changes with the club and helping it and others in Atlantic Canada grow by creating the Maritime Atlantic Swingers Club Association, a online place for different clubs in the region to get in contact.

With more than 20 years of experience living the lifestyle under his belt, Dana is the director of Club ESP, or Extra Sensual People, one of Nova Scotia's swinger's clubs.

Though Dana calls the province conservative towards swinging, Club ESP's mailing list is 1,600 strong and still growing---with members ranging from 25 to 55 years old.

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And then there's sex...love's popular intimate counterpart; a passionate array of physical acts. Are their powers just as strong if the duo is split up?

Dana [for purposes of anonymity, last names will not be used] thinks so. Not the raunchy, 1970s, silk shirt open-to-the-navel, cue-the-cheesy-porn-music type you might be picturing, though.

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