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Furthermore, it was apparent that there were groups of migrants who are not engaged with local services, particularly those whose contact is limited to people from their home country.

It is these migrants who are potentially vulnerable to exploitation or do not understand their rights.

We are particularly indebted to all of our community interviewers whose continued efforts enabled so many interviews to be undertaken for the study.

Finally, thanks must of course go to the Central and Eastern European migrants who found the time to talk to us and answer our questions in a full, honest and patient manner.

While there are clearly positive benefits to these social networks, we cannot guarantee that the advice and assistance provided by social networks provides the best option for people.

Across the sample as a whole, just over a third (35%) said that they did not have time to complete an English language course due to work commitments.However, it was apparent that while some people will actively seek English classes, others want to learn a basic level of English that will enable them to ‘get by’.Furthermore, there are also those who are not interested in learning English as their work/home life is spent with people from their home country.The study was undertaken by conducting: Chapter 10 of the report provides a full discussion in relation to future intentions of the respondents.The following provides a summary of the main conclusions based on the findings of the survey.

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